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A Clash of Kings Troop Trees: A Comprehensive Guide for Mount and Blade Warband Players

# The Ultimate Guide to A Clash of Kings Troop Trees in Mount and Blade Warband

If you are a fan of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, or the popular TV adaptation Game of Thrones, you might have heard of **A Clash of Kings**, a mod for Mount and Blade Warband that lets you experience the epic fantasy world of Westeros and Essos in a realistic medieval setting.

One of the most important aspects of this mod is the **troop trees**, which are the hierarchical structures that determine how soldiers can be upgraded and recruited for each faction. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the troop trees in A Clash of Kings, including:

- The different factions and their troop trees

- The unique units and their special abilities

- The best troops for each role and situation

- The tips and tricks to master the troop trees

## The Factions and Their Troop Trees

A Clash of Kings features 24 factions, each with their own troop tree. Some of these factions are based on the canonical ones from the books and the show, such as **The North**, **The Iron Islands**, **Dorne**, **House Targaryen**, **The Night's Watch**, **The Free Folk**, etc. Others are based on minor regions or cities that have been expanded or created for the mod, such as **The Three Sisters**, **Lorath**, **Qohor**, **The Khizra Khalasar**, etc.

You can find the full list of factions and their troop trees on the [A Clash of Kings Wiki]( Here are some examples of how the troop trees look like:


The North Troop Tree:

Tier 1: North Peasant

Tier 2: North Levy -> North Spearman -> North Pikeman

Tier 3: North Skirmisher -> North Archer -> North Longbowman

Tier 4: North Footman -> North Man-at-Arms -> North Heavy Infantry

Tier 5: North Horseman -> North Lancer -> North Knight

The Iron Islands Troop Tree:

Tier 1: Ironborn Recruit

Tier 2: Ironborn Levy -> Ironborn Spearman -> Ironborn Pikeman

Tier 3: Ironborn Skirmisher -> Ironborn Archer -> Ironborn Crossbowman

Tier 4: Ironborn Raider -> Ironborn Reaver -> Ironborn Huscarl

Tier 5: Ironborn Captain -> Ironborn Veteran Reaver -> Ironborn Berserker

Dorne Troop Tree:

Tier 1: Dornish Peasant

Tier 2: Dornish Levy -> Dornish Spearman -> Dornish Pikeman

Tier 3: Dornish Skirmisher -> Dornish Archer -> Dornish Crossbowman

Tier 4: Dornish Footman -> Dornish Man-at-Arms -> Dornish Sergeant

Tier 5: Dornish Horseman -> Dornish Lancer -> Dornish Knight


As you can see, each faction has five tiers of troops, with each tier having two or three branches of upgrades. The higher the tier, the more skilled and equipped the troops are, but also more expensive and harder to recruit. The branches usually reflect different roles or specialties, such as infantry, cavalry, archers, crossbowmen, pikemen, etc.

## The Unique Units and Their Special Abilities

In addition to the regular troops, some factions also have unique units that can only be recruited from specific locations or by completing certain quests. These units are usually very powerful and have some special abilities that make them stand out from the rest. Here are some examples of unique units and their special abilities:

- **Unsullied**: These are elite slave soldiers from Qohor that can be bought for a hefty price. They are extremely disciplined and loyal, and have high skills in polearms, shields and athletics. They also have a special ability that makes them immune to fear or morale loss.

- **White Harbor Knight**: These are heavy cavalry from White Harbor that can be recruited by completing a quest for Lord Wyman Manderly. They have high skills in riding, one-handed weapons and polearms, and wear distinctive white armor with blue cloaks. They also have a special ability that gives them a bonus to charge damage.

- **Dreadfort Spearman**: These are medium infantry from The Dread

Mount And Blade Warband A Clash Of Kings Troop Trees

## The Best Troops for Each Role and Situation

Depending on your playstyle, strategy and preferences, you might want to choose different troops for different roles and situations. For example, you might want to have a balanced army that can handle any enemy, or you might want to specialize in a certain type of warfare, such as siege, cavalry or skirmish.

There is no definitive answer to which troops are the best for each role and situation, as it also depends on your personal skills, tactics and equipment. However, here are some general guidelines and recommendations based on the common consensus of the players:

- **Infantry**: These are the backbone of your army, especially in sieges and close combat. They usually have high skills in melee weapons, shields and armor, and can form a solid defensive line or a powerful offensive charge. Some of the best infantry units in the mod are: **Ironborn Huscarls**, **Dornish Sergeants**, **North Heavy Infantry**, **Stormlands Men-at-Arms**, **Unsullied**, etc.

- **Cavalry**: These are the shock troops of your army, especially in open field battles and flanking maneuvers. They usually have high skills in riding, lances and one-handed weapons, and can deliver devastating charges or harass the enemy from a distance. Some of the best cavalry units in the mod are: **Pentoshi Cataphracts**, **Dornish Knights**, **North Knights**, **Reach Knights**, **White Harbor Knights**, etc.

- **Archers**: These are the ranged support of your army, especially in sieges and skirmishes. They usually have high skills in archery, crossbows and throwing weapons, and can deal damage from afar or provide cover fire for your other troops. Some of the best archer units in the mod are: **Vale Longbowmen**, **Tyroshi Mounted Archers**, **Myrman Crossbowmen**, **Raventree Archers**, **Free Folk Archers**, etc.

- **Pikemen**: These are the anti-cavalry specialists of your army, especially in defensive positions and narrow spaces. They usually have high skills in polearms, shields and armor, and can form a deadly wall of spears that can stop any cavalry charge or break any infantry formation. Some of the best pikemen units in the mod are: **Ironborn Pikemen**, **Dornish Pikemen**, **North Pikemen**, **Dragonstone Pikemen**, **Qohorik Pikemen**, etc.

## The Tips and Tricks to Master the Troop Trees

Now that you know the basics of the troop trees in A Clash of Kings, here are some tips and tricks to help you master them and get the most out of your troops:

- Experiment with different factions and troops to find out which ones suit your style and preferences. You can also mix and match troops from different factions to create a diverse and versatile army.

- Pay attention to the stats, skills and equipment of your troops, as they can make a big difference in their performance and survivability. You can also upgrade their equipment by buying or looting better items for them.

- Train your troops regularly by fighting battles, doing quests or visiting training fields. The higher their level, the more skilled and effective they will be.

- Manage your troop morale by paying them on time, feeding them well, winning battles and avoiding casualties. The higher their morale, the more loyal and motivated they will be.

- Recruit prisoners whenever possible, as they can provide you with cheap and easy troops. You can also ransom or exchange prisoners for money or favors.

- Use tactics and formations to optimize your troop deployment and coordination. You can use commands such as follow me, charge, hold position, advance ten paces, form ranks, etc. You can also use terrain features such as hills,

## The Quests and Their Rewards

Another way to get access to some of the best troops in A Clash of Kings is by completing quests that are related to the troop trees. Some of these quests are given by lords, ladies, maesters or other characters, while others are triggered by visiting certain locations or finding certain items. Here are some examples of quests and their rewards:

- **The White Harbor Knight Quest**: This quest is given by Lord Wyman Manderly in White Harbor. He asks you to find his son Wendel Manderly, who has been captured by the Ironborn. You have to rescue him from Pyke and bring him back to White Harbor. The reward for this quest is 10 White Harbor Knights, which are some of the best heavy cavalry in the mod.

- **The Unsullied Quest**: This quest is given by a slave trader in Qohor. He asks you to buy 100 Unsullied from him for 100,000 coins. You can either accept his offer or try to haggle with him. The reward for this quest is 100 Unsullied, which are some of the best infantry in the mod.

- **The Book Quests**: These quests are given by Maester Yandel in King's Landing and Septon Meribald in the Quiet Isle. They ask you to find rare books for them that are scattered around the map. You have to travel to different locations and search for the books in chests or libraries. The reward for these quests is a random amount of experience, money and reputation.