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Agustin Campos Arenas: A Prominent Author on Critical Thinking

Agustin Campos Arenas: A Prominent Author on Critical Thinking

Agustin Campos Arenas is a Colombian educator and author who has written several books on critical thinking, a skill that he considers essential for personal and social development. His books aim to provide theoretical foundations and practical techniques to help students and teachers develop and apply critical thinking in various disciplines and contexts.


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One of his most popular books is Pensamiento crÃtico. TÃcnicas para su desarrollo (Critical Thinking. Techniques for its Development), published by Coop. Editorial Magisterio in 2007. This book offers a comprehensive overview of the concept, history, and importance of critical thinking, as well as a variety of strategies and exercises to foster it in the classroom and beyond. The book covers topics such as argumentation, inference, analysis, evaluation, creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, and metacognition.

Another book by Campos Arenas is Pensamiento crÃtico (Critical Thinking), published by Inst. del libro in 1967. This book focuses on the social and civic implications of critical thinking, arguing that it is a necessary skill for citizens who want to participate actively and responsibly in democratic societies. The book also discusses the obstacles and challenges that hinder critical thinking, such as dogmatism, prejudice, manipulation, and conformity.

Both books by Campos Arenas are available in PDF format online, and can be accessed by searching for the keyword "AgustinCamposArenasPensamientoCriticopdf". They are valuable resources for anyone interested in learning more about critical thinking and how to improve it.

Agustin Campos Arenas was born in BogotÃ, Colombia, in 1942. He studied philosophy and education at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where he later became a professor and researcher. He also obtained a master's degree in educational administration from the Universidad PedagÃgica Nacional, and a doctorate in education from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

Campos Arenas has been involved in various academic and professional activities related to critical thinking, such as directing the Center for Research and Development of Critical Thinking (CIDEP) at the Universidad PedagÃgica Nacional, participating in national and international conferences and seminars, and collaborating with various educational institutions and organizations.

Campos Arenas has also written other books on topics related to critical thinking, such as MÃtodos mixtos de investigaciÃn (Mixed Methods of Research), Apuntes para el asesoramiento de la tesis universitaria (Notes for the Advising of the University Thesis), and La Facultad de Ciencias de la EducaciÃn y sus 50 aÃos de funcionamiento (The Faculty of Education Sciences and its 50 Years of Operation).

Campos Arenas is recognized as one of the leading authors and experts on critical thinking in Colombia and Latin America. His books have been widely used and cited by students, teachers, researchers, and professionals who are interested in developing and applying critical thinking in their fields of study and work. e0e6b7cb5c


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