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Ideology in Friction: A Steamy RPG with Multiple Routes

Ideology in Friction: A Steamy RPG with Multiple Routes

Ideology in Friction is a role-playing game developed by ONEONE1 and published by Kagura Games on Steam. It is the story of two knights, Clacier and Annette, who are forced into an impossible situation where they must make a decision that will change their entire lives. What does this destiny have in store for them? Find out in Ideology in Friction!

Ideology in Friction Ativador download

The game features sexual content, nudity, mature themes, and multiple endings depending on the choices you make. You can follow the main route, where you stay loyal to the kingdom and fight against the corrupt church, or you can branch off to the secondary route, where you join the resistance and fight for freedom. There is also a tertiary route, where you become a drifter and live by your own rules. Each route has different events, characters, and outcomes.

If you are looking for a steamy RPG with a rich story, engaging gameplay, and multiple routes to explore, then Ideology in Friction might be the game for you. You can buy it on Steam for $24.99 or get it in a bundle with the append DLC for $31.48. The append DLC adds new scenes, costumes, items, and quests to the game.The gameplay of Ideology in Friction is a mix of turn-based combat, exploration, dialogue choices, and visual novel scenes. You can control either Clacier or Annette, each with their own skills, equipment, and stats. You can also customize their appearance and outfits with various items and costumes. You can interact with different characters and factions, and your actions and decisions will affect the story and the world. You can also enjoy various erotic scenes with different partners, depending on your route and preferences.

Ideology in Friction has a lot of content to offer, with over 80 hours of gameplay, 90 base CGs, 1200+ CG variations, 50+ H-scenes, 200+ maps, and 600+ BGM tracks. The game also has a high replay value, as you can experience different routes and endings with different choices. You can also unlock achievements and gallery items as you play.

If you want to see some gameplay videos of Ideology in Friction, you can check out some YouTube channels that have uploaded walkthroughs and reviews of the game. For example, you can watch Chuckierino's series[^1^], AllGamesWorldHd's video[^2^], or KAGURA GAMES' video[^3^]. These videos will give you an idea of what the game looks like and how it plays.The characters of Ideology in Friction are diverse and interesting, each with their own personality, background, and role in the story. The main characters are Clacier and Annette, two female knights who graduated from the same academy and are best friends. Clacier is a half-dark elf who was adopted by a human family and trained to be a knight. She is loyal, brave, and strong, but also naive and innocent. Annette is a human who was born into a noble family and has a natural talent for magic. She is smart, kind, and gentle, but also curious and adventurous.

Other characters include Viktor, the king of the kingdom and a benevolent ruler who cares for his people; Eliza, the leader of the resistance and a former knight who opposes the church's tyranny; Rita, a catgirl who works as a spy for the resistance and has a playful personality; Roxy, a mysterious woman who works for the church and has a hidden agenda; Sophie, a nun who serves the church and has a pure heart; and many more.

The characters have different interactions and relationships depending on the route you choose. Some of them will become your allies, some will become your enemies, and some will become your lovers. You can also learn more about their pasts and motivations as you progress through the game. 29c81ba772


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