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Serious As Pleasure 1975 Torrent _HOT_

I have this on VHS, and it is one of my all time guilty pleasures. It has a great cast, a catchy music score and unforgettable satire on monster movies, like Frankenstein. If you haven't seen it already, give yourself a treat! I will warn you though, it is extremely silly at times, but that is all part of the fun. And I seriously don't care whether it's poorly made or not and I don't think so personally, all that matters is that it's entertaining, and that is what exactly RHPS is. The cast is wonderful. Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick do a great job as Brad and Janet, although I didn't know they could sing, which really surprised me. Richard O'Brien is solid as Riff Raff and he also wrote the songs. Also solid are Patricia Quinn and Peter Hinwood. The best performance, however, comes from Hollywood's most underrated actor, Tim Curry, who I must say looks hot in fishnets and heels. He has a great singing voice, that is always overlooked. FrankNFurter is a landmark performance, but Tim Curry has also done other great films such as Clue, Legend,Muppets Treasure Island, Blue Money and It. (which has his career-best performance by a mile.) Voiceovers include Captain Hook, Slagar, Hexxus, Drake, Forte, Von Talon and the Mouse King. The songs are so catchy, especially "Time Warp" and "Sweet transvestite" that I actually wanted to dance to the music, but I am a novice at dancing. The complaint about this movie, which is undoubtedly the best cult movie ever, no matter how many times it's been imitated, is the song "Science fiction" which is not in the same league as the more uplifting songs. Still I am happy, and lets do the time warp again! 9.5/10. Bethany Cox.

serious as pleasure 1975 torrent

Go to meet redness.Reach it with all the necessary brutality.Refuse facile images. Self-portraits. Portraits of any sort.But go without reserve, crushing water underfoot, unyielding to the childlike pleasure of splashes against naked legs.Go as a painter.Roll up trouser legs, remove espadrilles and dig your will into the torrent: meet the red there, take it captive. Bury your madness in the icy water.Without dying of this.Without speaking of it either. 350c69d7ab


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