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T Pain Effect Serial Number Crackers [2021]

Ratcliff, S.L., Brown, A., Rosenberg, L., Rosenberg, M., Robert, R.S., Cuervo L.J., Villarreal, C., Thomas, C.R., & Meyer III, W.J. The effectiveness of a pain and anxiety protocol to treat the acute pediatric burn patient. Burns 2006; 32: 554-562.

T Pain Effect Serial Number Crackers

As LV is regularly witnessed or experienced on the unit... the environment can become inundated with the walking wounded. Whether the wound is caused by stressors that are work related or personal, isolated incidents of LV may begin in the form of passive aggression or mild bullying directed towards those who are perceived as lesser or weaker (Hutchinson et al., 2006). The behavior may be initially appeased with an apology; however it can also escalate to verbal abuse and other destructive behaviors, spreading negativity and creating a volatile work environment. As the attacks continue, this behavior can become the norm. As LV is regularly witnessed or experienced on the unit, and the many effects of LV consume the nursing staff, the environment can become inundated with the walking wounded. Under the premises of the theory of the nurse as wounded healer, each such nurse must first recognize and transform his or her fear and pain in order to transcend and continue along the path to become a wounded healer (Conti-O'Hare, 2002) (See Table 1). These three steps of recognition, transformation, and transcendence are delineated below.

Because the effects of LV can be significantly traumatic, managers can use the theory of the wounded healer, and the steps associated with this theory, to develop the above-mentioned strategies. Following the model, those in leadership positions should initially encourage the staff to recognize that LV is occurring, that it is traumatic, and that it has impacted the workplace negatively. This can be done both one-on-one, as well as together in a group. It is important for staff to not only evaluate the personal effects of LV, but also the effects on others and the group as a whole. Once recognition has occurred, staff can begin to explore what was learned from the experiences, again individually as well as collectively. Transforming the pain from their experiences into knowledge and understanding will assist staff to transcend it and become a wounded healer.

When the safety of patients is at risk, all avenues of resolution of LV need to be taken. The Theory of the Nurse as Wounded Healer delineates how nurses can be affected by witnessing or experiencing lateral violence. The experience of LV can be as significant and painful as that of any other personal experiences of trauma; therefore, the same pathway can bring about healing. The journey of the walking wounded, through recognition, transformation, and transcendence, to become the wounded healer is an ideal pathway for the nurse to travel. Practitioners and managers must be cognizant of the occurrence of LV in order to recognize its potential effects and the need for healing. When the safety of patients is at risk, all avenues of resolution of LV need to be taken. As nurses promote health in their patients, they must also promote health in themselves and one another.

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